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Clarion CW 4.0

Версия реализации Clarion CW языка программирования Clarion

Clarion 4 (aka C4) was released December 1997, with the final 4.002 release May 1998. TopSpeed elected to skip the dreaded version number three (the official explanation was that CW 1.5 “should have been CW 2.0,” so CW 2.0 “should have been CW 3.0”, so let’s just call the next one version 4). Due to DOS development being dead the name dropped the “for Windows” title.

C4 came with a new template set and class library called “Application Builder Classes” or “ABC”. The original template set generated procedural code, which was becoming increasingly complex. The ABC template set generated far less code, and leveraged the class library, which contained most of the actual logic for windows, browses, forms, etc. C4 enhanced OOP by adding Constructors and Destructors (without parameters).



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